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ENTAZA ARCHITECT-GLOBAL, is an architectural, consulting and design company that exists as a privately owned company founded in June 2020 by two partners, graduate engineers and architects Ivana Bajkova Shala and Katerina Vidimche.
The Entaza Architect Team is supported by young associates that have built their success on the foundation of strong team enthusiasm, which represents the main goal of management of Entaza. Such enthusiasm gives as the opportunity to complete the projects with a great attention, detailed descriptions and exceptional performance.
The approach to the projects is always diverse, depending on the complexity and the content of the task.
The entire team is included in the projects and they do have their part in which they are allowed to express themselves fully in their free spirit and approach in architecture and design.
The company has a large experience shared by the partners and experts with many years of work experience in many areas of construction - from conceptual solutions, detailed implementation projects, to professional supervision and project management.

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